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Merlin Conservation Area

This 2.8 hectare property was donated to the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority at a dedication ceremony by and in the presence of and on behalf of former students of MDHS on 4 June 2011. It was formerly the site of the Merlin District High School. Having stood vacant for some 30 years now it is to be re-naturalized for the benefit of the community.

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Coordinates: Lat/Long 42.240882 -82.236429

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42.240882 -82.236429

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Merlin Drug Store 1899 - 1938
Harry Hanna(h) 1938 -
Marshalls 1944 - 1964
Giffords 1964 -

Ken & Thelma Hawkes - 1979
Penny Calver 1979 - 1986
Carol and Stuart Davis 1986 -

and eventually, Erie Cafe.
Merlin Area Churches
Organizations, Merlin and Area
Location Merlin, Ontario
Melissa Doyle

"Merlin Homecoming 2011"

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File Number: 454663-6
Head Office: MERLIN, Ontario
Date of Letters Patent: 2009-12-30
source . Would appreciate anyone providing more information about this group. Thanks. . E-mail

Paul Robertson, Director of Church School and Family Resources for Youth Unlimited.

Merlin, Ontario -- Merlin Ontario Forums


A group of former students of Merlin District HIgh School have recently set up a website,, which is designed primarily as a meeting place for those who might want to reconnect with former classmates.

The website has been up for a couple of weeks and seems to be attracting some good initial interest.

In addition to Merlin District High School the website has various items including a bit of history of Merlin during the time the school was in operation, pictures, material on public schools etc. It is a work in progress.

The webmaster is Tom Brooke who graduated in 1961 and his email address as well as that of others can be found at the site. ...

Jack Peltier

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pictures of Merlin buildings

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It seems that Merlin does not host "Doors Open" visitors, but there is one day a year when many places in Chatham-Kent open their doore to the public, free of charge. Some of the places are open other times, for a charge; some are not open to the public any other time. So, get out and around; visit some of the Doors Open sites -- Saturday 9 May 2009. Last Post: Death Notices -- a Last Post database that currently goes back to January 1989 and contains over 150,556 names.

Last Post on the Web is reserved for these groups:
. . Canadian citizens and Commonwealth subjects who were ordinary members of The Royal Canadian Legion at time of death;
. . RCL life members who were previously ordinary members; and
. . Canadian war veterans (WW I, WW II, Korean War, Gulf War) who were not RCL members at time of death.

Below are names connected with the Merlin Branch of the Legion and appearing in the on-line Last Post
[Click on a name to view the "Last Post" information.]

Fred E. Eidt
Farewell Stewart Fletcher
Warren B. Durnin

Howard (Marshall) Fulmer

Albert A. Gryp

Beverly G. Broadbent
James F. Cleland
Glenn E. Crewe
John L. Crewe
Richard A. Crewe
John S. Dawson
Rayburn M. Drewery
John D. Gallagher
George Gaspar
G. Beverley Gray
William R. Gray
Louis R. Haskell
Cecil M. Hawke
Kenneth E. Hawkes
Robert C. Howell
James J.A. Hutcheson
Gerald (Tim) Jones
Gene Labonte
John A. McLean
Lawrence Patrick
Arthur H. Pinnsoneault
Douglas M. Ritchie
James L. Robbins
Wilfred Schindler
James E. Stacey
Edward Stewardson
Russell Swanwick
Leo J. Tremblay
Albert Willick
John Wood

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From the Merlin Friendship Papers [gathered together Nov. 1982], so the item copied precedes that date.
It appears to have been one of the "oral history" tapes that were made and, from that, transcribed to paper.

I have copied part of what Vernie Jones said. [Does anyone remember a Miss Doreen Jones who taught Social Studies (I think it was) at MDHS probably 1954-55.] Her father is telling about the Victoria / Baddertown area and about MDHS:



. . There was a sawmill at one time on the corner where Gordon Mifflin now lives -- it was known as Dent's Mill and was later moved to Merlin where the St. Clair Grain & Feeds Fertilizer building stands today.

. . The school used in this community was the building which is now the Gospel Hall on Con. 14. It was sold to John [Brown] for $30.00 and was moved to its present location. The new school was built in 1897 by a James Hancock at the cost of $890.00. This school was S.S.#4 Victoria which still stands. The old Secretary Treasurer books state the school was closed for 3 months and the children went to the S.S.#8 Glenwood School at a cost of $63.42 until the new school was ready for use. The old records of 1895-96-97 mention a Miss Haggard as the teacher and her salary was $300.00. The water well was drilled in 1896 by Thomas Tasker for $85.00. Insurance on the building was $3.50 a year. The old records show my Dad received 50˘ for mowing the school yard and a new broom cost 25˘.

. . Some will remember Miss Cassie Hill of South Buxton. She taught at Victoria school from 1901-1904. Her starting salary was $300.00 and she received a $10 raise the next year. She used to ride her bicycle to and from Buxton every day, on bad days her father would bring her by horse and buggy and in the winter months she boarded at our house for $4.00 a week. She used to take me to school with her when I was still a pre-schooler. There were a number of different teachers after that but Miss Eva Bell (Dr. Bell’s daughter) taught the longest 1917-1941. Her starting salary was $800.00 and her last year's salary was $1200.00. I took over the duties of Secretary Treasurer of the Victoria School in 1931 and continued until the local school boards were phased out in 1965 when the Public School Area was formed.

. . Since we're talking of schools perhaps I should mention something about our local high school. The old Public and Continuation School in Merlin burned in August 1942. The public school was soon rebuilt but classes for the high school students were held in church basements etc. and old hotel for many years. The new High School was finally built in 1948 and opened in December of 1949 after many meetings and many trips to Toronto. It may interest you to know that the Merlin High School Area was the first High School Area to be formed in Ontario. I was the Chairman of the Board and represented Tilbury East Township, Mr. Fred Brown represented Tilbury E. for the County; Mr. Walter Drew represented Raleigh for the County; the late Mr. Lewis King represented Raleigh Township but because he was treasurer of the township relinquished his post on the Board to Mr. Ledson Roe; Mr. Rodney Willan represented Romney Township, and Mr. Clayton Simpson represented the village of Merlin. This was the regional Merlin District High School Board with the late Mr. G. E. Johnston as Secretary-Treasurer.

. . Getting back to what the community was like years ago -- There was a lot of bush land. I can remember when I was a small boy probably back in 1902-1903 there was an Indian Camp in the bushland back of Nelson Armstrong's farm. You could hear the drums beating on clear nights. ...


Note: The Chatham Daily News of Thursday, August 11, 1949 has picture and article about the construction of the MDHS.

I think it was Gordon & Hannah Mifflin who, years ago, told me their area was known as “Dentville”.

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Drew is drawn to Dayton
Posted 5 Sept. 2008
During four years at the University of Prince Edward Island, Paul Drew never forgot about his dream of pro hockey career.
He just wasn't sure if pro teams had forgotten about him.
"When you go away for four years, it's like you fall off the face of the hockey world," said the 24-year-old goalie from Merlin. "Nobody even knows you're still playing."

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Hall-mark of excellence
HOF induction is recognition of Lahey's coaching success
Posted 5 Sept. 2009
Dale Lahey has been to the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony before to lend his support.
This year, he'll be a guest of honour.
The longtime volleyball coach will join his brother Larry Lahey and mentor Mort Giles as a Hall of Fame inductee during the annual banquet Sept. 11 at the W. I. S. H. Centre.
He'll be saluted for a career that included eight OFSAA medals at Chatham-Kent Secondary School.

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CHARLTON 40TH FAMILY reunion Sunday August 10th at Merlin Kinsmen park at noon bring your pot luck dish and also your favourite recipes for our cookbook, meat will be supplied, see you there. -- Chatham-Kent Pennysaver Smart Shopper, July 25 2008 Pg. 5

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Chatham Daily News, 31 May 2008, page 12
Retired teachers honour volunteers
The Retired Teachers of Chatham-Kent recognized some of their outstanding volunteers during the group's semiannual meeting Wednesday.
. . Five members received a 2008 Service to Others Volunteer Award, including ... Lois Pratt of Merlin ...
. . Pratt, who plays the piano and organ, serves as an accompanist for many choirs. She is director of The Lois Singers, the Friends of Buxton Male Choir and the Good Will Choir. She also leads groups to bring the gift of music to area retirement homes, residences and rehabilitation units.

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Though the Wikipedia can change frequently, it is interesting to see [that as of 27 May 2008] someone had posted there: "The town's most notable citizen is arguably that of Scott J Patterson. Along with possessing Hollywood looks and being a standout athlete, he has gone on to achieve greatness as a criminal defence attorney, winning numerous high-profile and seemingly un-winnable cases."
However The Chatham Daily News of 28 June 2008 p. 23 has a picture of a handsome Merlin lad and text which says: Scott James Patterson -- Juris Doctor -- "Scott Patterson, son of Murray and Doris Patterson of Merlin, successfully completed his law degree from the Western New England College of Law, Springfield, MA. He received his B.A. from the University of Toronto and is presently studying for the Bar Exam for the State of Florida."
Congratulations, Scott.

[A better quality color picture would be appreciated for this page, if offered.]

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The Chatham Daily News
Local firefighters honoured for their services
Posted 4 July 2008
Eleven Chatham-Kent firefighters, including two with 45 years of service, were honoured at an investiture program last night in Windsor.
Forty year service bars were presented to James Sales, a firefighter with Station 17 Merlin and Lanny Carther, chief of Station 8 in Thamesville.
Service medals for 25 years service went to Tom CoDyre, deputy chief of Station 9 Bothwell, Donald Daniels, a captain at Station 11 Ridgetown, James Sales, firefighter with Station 17 Merlin, Terry Brown and Michael Chase, both captains at Station 2 Chatham, Richard Shaw, chief of Station 5 Chatham North and Gregory St. John, a captain at Station 3 Wallaceburg.
Chatham-Kent Fire Chief Bob Crawford said he was proud of all those who received long service medals.
He said to have achieved 45 years of service to the profession is "incredible.
"It's rare to find people willing to make that commitment for that long a period of time,'' he said. "These people have consistently showed up time and time again for emergency situations over a very long period.''
Crawford said 45 years of service "speaks for itself.''

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Barr Teskey Newsletter No. 35 -- can anyone throw any light on tokens like this that were issued by the Barr & Teskey hardware store in Merlin, Ontario . . . Which Teskey? When? What purpose did they serve? [Tokens, good for merchandise. Barr & Teskey Hardware, Merlin, Ontario -- Stoves, etc.]

Flaherty, James 1866-???? James Flaherty b. 1866 Merlin Ontario, twin of John -- Have been searching for my grandfather's brother, last known to have crossed the border into U.S. at Detroit

Guerin, Levi Oliver 1859-1952 Descendants of Michel Guerin & Jeanne Veron -- v. LEVI OLIVER GUERIN, b. July 18, 1869, Stoney Point, Ontario, Canada; d. April 28, 1952, Merlin, Ontario, Canada. Levi's officiating priest at burial was Father Carl Walsh and he was buried April 30, 1952, St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Merlin, Ontario, Canada. His occupation was a lumberjack.

Hartford, Renee -- Merlin, Ontario -- 2007 Boston Marathon runner

Hazard, Noris -- Gleanings from "The Kinmundy Express" -- Aug. 8, 1929: -- Over the Line: James PHELPS and wife, Norris HAZARD, wife and daughter of Merlin, Ontario, Canada greatly surprised their niece and cousin, Mrs. Nora BURKETT, Thurs. when they arrived by motor to visit her and her family. Mrs. BURKETT had not seen her uncle in 31 years, at which time he and his family drove from Illinois to Texas in a covered wagon. Since then they have been living in Louisiana, Kansas and Canada.

Jenkins, Thomas ????-1945 Gleaner Extracts 1945 -- 04-01-1945 Thomas Jenkins, died at Merlin Ontario, husband of the late Elizabeth Barrie, age 73 years.

Johnson, Otto -- Slulis Genealogy -- 4. Aukje (Irene), geboren Andijk. Gehuwd Merlin Ont. Echtgenoot is Gary Foster JOHNSON, teacher, farmer, geboren Leamington Ont. Zoon van Otto M. JOHNSON en Hazel Madeleine FOSTER.

Jones, Oliver -- The Golden Jubilee medal -- Jones, Mr. Oliver Merlin, Ontario

Marriott, Daniel 1915-1989 MARRIOTT, Daniel 73 Birthdate: 02 Dec 1915 Birthplace: Merlin, Ontario CND Death Date: 20 Aug 1989

Marriott, Harmon M. c1920-1999 MARRIOTT, Harmon M 79 Birthplace: Raliegh, Ontario CND Death Date: 01 Oct 1999

Renwick, Richard Grassroots Glory For Golden Genes Hall [July 6, 2008] -- Richard Renwick of Merlin, Ronald Peltier of Pain Court, Brian Bartlett of Charing Cross and trainer Paul Walker of Owen Sound share ownership on Dillavec, who maintained his position in the top 10 with the effort.

Sams, Alice Mary Jane 1885-???? Sloane Family Genealogy -- Looking for any information on my gggGrandmother, Martha Sloane, born abt 1800-1810 in Scotland.
1. Martha Sloane m. ___ Murray, also from Scotland. Their daughter, Mary Murray, born in Newcastle, England.
2. Mary Murray m. William Pringle, also born in Newcastle, England. Their daughter, Ellen Pringle, b. 1866 in Newcastle, England.
3. Ellen Pringle m. Stephen Sams on 23 Sep 1882 in Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. Their daughter, Alice Mary Jane Sams, b. 20 Feb 1885 in Merlin, Ontario, Canada was my Grandmother.
Any information on above individuals kindly appreciated.
Stephen S. Barranco, Sr. [January 08, 2000]

Stiles, Glen Richard 1914-1994 -- Stiles Genealogy -- Glen Richard STILES. son of Harry Ellsworth & Vergie Alvernia (Brown) Styles, was born 31 Oct 1914 in Merlin, Ontario and died Mar 1994 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH.

Teskey Teskey Newsletter No. 35 -- can anyone throw any light on tokens like this that were issued by the Barr & Teskey hardware store in Merlin, Ontario . . . Which Teskey? When? What purpose did they serve? [Tokens, good for merchandise. Barr & Teskey Hardware, Merlin, Ontario -- Stoves, etc.]

Toll, Dorian Marie -- Descendants of Michel Guerin & Jeanne Veron -- 213. DORIAN MARIE GUERIN was born in Centre Road, Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada. She married RONALD WARREN TOLL in St. Andrew's United Church, South Buxton, Ontario, Canada, son of LEONARD TOLL and JESSIE CHARLTON. Dorian is a Librarian at Merlin Branch of the Kent County Library. Ron is a barber and a photographer.

Tonge, Abraham Walton 1851-1922 Canadian Methodist Ministers -- TONGE, Abraham Walton was born in 1851 in Cheshire England and died in Oct 1922 at the home of his daughter, Mrs A. Stuart of Merlin Ontario. He moved to Canada at the age of 21 in 1872. Wesleyan Methodist, 1884 Peel (Wellington Co.), 1892 Alma Peel Twp. (Wellington Co.), 1893-1896 Cumnock Nichol (Wellington Co.) (Christian Guardian) Rev. Abram Walton Tonge - an appreciation. He was born Cheshire England and died in 1922 in Amherstburg, moved to Canada age 21, survived by daughters and only son

Ward, Arthur 1915-???? Organ Bibliography -- WARD, Arthur. b Merlin, Ontario, 1915. Resides Calgary, Alberta. RCCO Region 7 (Prairies).
1992 Five preludes on white spirituals. CMC. 24 p. 15!15. Based on AWe'll shout and give Him glory,@ AWondrous love,@ ATo wear a starry crown,@ ADo I not love thee, O my Lord?@ (Detroit) and AZion's walls.@ Gives source and alternate titles of tunes. M. 1991a Six preludes on shape note tunes. Marlborough, Massachusetts: Lissett Publications. 23 p. The six preludes are based on AAmazing grace,@ APleading saviour,@ AHoly manna,@ AO brother, be faithful,@ AConsolation,@ and AFrench Broad River.@ Conservative in style. M.
1991b Two pieces. Marlborough, Massachusetts: Lissett Publications. 14 p. 1. Moville--an Irish rondo (1988), 2. A Dorian Flourish. Tempo and registration indications. M.

Worl, Dorothy 1916-2005 -- Progress Newspaper -- Dorothy M. Worl, 88, died Thursday, July 14, at Hawthorn Court Nursing Home, Paulding.
She was born Nov. 22, 1916 in Merlin, Ontario, the daughter of John and Nora (Westendorf) Worl. She was employed by Brune Printing, retiring in 1978.
Surviving are a sister, Mary Ruth Clark of Paulding; five nieces; three nephews; seven great-nieces; and five great-nephews.
She was preceded in death by two brothers, Rudy and Walter Worl; and a sister, Bertha Holmes.
Services were held Monday, July 18 at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Paulding, with Pastor Mary Beth Smith-Webb officiating. Burial was in Live Oak Cemetery, Paulding. Den Herder Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.
Preferred memorials are to St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church or Paulding County Area Visiting Nurses Association.

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