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Fletcher Church & Community
Fletcher Church
22544 Merlin Road, Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Minister: Rev. James Haupt, pastorate effective 1 Aug. 2014
Chair of Officials: Elwin Vince


Rev. Jim's thoughts for December
. . . The holiday season holds many treasured memories and many favourite traditions for many people. The lights, the parties, the sales, the baking, the decorating, all of it points to a very special celebration. For me, one of the best memories and favoured parts is the music.
. . . I can remember listening to Christmas music on 33 1/3 RPM vinyl discs (remember those?) I think my favourite was the Hary Simeon Chorale doing a long medley of music centred around The Little Drummer Boy. I loved that music. I loved the harmony. I loved the arrangeents. For me, the whole production was about peace, harmony and music, in a world where even the contributions of little drummer boys were recognized and honored.
. . . As I write this, I'm watching news channel images of Black Friday shopping crowds pushing and shoving over whatever bargain there might be. It seems this time of year has become more about buying and getting and finding a bargain, rather than a peaceful, reflective, musical time.
. . . This holiday season, I hope you have a chance to remember and reflect quietly, with maybe your favourite holiday ujsic playing in the background, about what it is, and who it is, we celebrate. May the peace of the one who comes overcome the divisions and strife among us. May the joy of the one who comes fill us to overflowing. may the love of the one who comes draw us closer to God and to each other, as we celebate our God coming to dwell with us.

-- Merlin Friendship Club Newsletter, December 2014

Coming Events -- E&OE --subject to change without notice

Nov. 30, 2014 -- Sunday -- Fletcher Church 9:30am -- ADVENT 1 -- Wake Up call
Nov. 30, 2014 -- Sunday -- Fletcher Church 2:30pm -- Community Chistmas Carol Sing. Everyone welcome.
Dec. 7, 2014 -- Sunday -- Fletcher Church 9:30am -- ADVENT II -- Wildeness Call
Dec. 14, 2014 -- Sunday -- Fletcher Church 9:30am -- ADVENT III -- Local Call
Dec. 20, 2014 -- Saturday -- St. Andrew's, Chatham -- Join them for their next Saturdays at 7 concert "Bells Will Be Ringing" Saturday December 20th 7:00PM in the sanctuary
Dec. 21, 2014 -- Sunday -- Fletcher Church 9:30am -- ADVENT IV -- Person To Person Call
Dec, 24, 2014 -- Wednesday -- Fletcher Church 7:00pm -- Christmas Eve Service -- Call Display
Dec. 28, 2014 -- Sunday -- 4th Day of Christmas, one service for the Charge, at Merlin, at 10am.

.4 Jan. 2015 -- 11th Day of Christmas
18 Feb. 2015 -- Wednesday -- Ash Wednesday
22 Feb. 2015 -- First Sunday in Lent
.1 Mar. 2015 -- Second Sunday in Lent
.8 Mar. 2015 -- Third Sunday in Lent
15 Mar. 2015 -- Fourth Sunday in Lent
22 Mar. 2015 -- Fifth Sunday in Lent
29 Mar. 2015 -- Sixth Sunday in Lent
.2 Apr. 2015 -- Thursday -- Maundy Thusday
.3 Apr. 2015 -- Friday -- Good Friday, Service at Fletcher
.5 Apr. 2015 -- Resurrection of our Lord -- Communion at Fletcher
12 Apr. 2015 -- Pulpit Supply at Fletcher
14 May. 2015 -- Whit Sunday, Pentecost

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Fletcher Church

Our help is in the Name of the LORD ,
the Maker of Heaven and Earth.
--Psalm 124:8

Our Mission Statement

   "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." -- Jesus, St. John 14:6
   We want: to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord; to worship and to praise Him; to make Him known to others; to demonstrate our faith by serving others in a Christ-like manner.
   "Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light for my path." --Psalm 119:105
Who We Aim To Be

   The Congregation of Fletcher Church stands together and shares the same views towards faith, family, and community. We've been here since 1883, but we are young in spirit.
   We believe in strong family values although we look forward and are open to change as led by the Spirit.
   Visitors are welcome and encouraged to feel a part of this community of faith. At Fletcher we do not have a 'political agenda'; faith is about doing what the Lord wants. The Church is a place of Worship, with Scripture, Bible Studies, and song.   We welcome the opportunity to have you come and join with us, to help us move forward and continue to grow in the Spirit and in the love of Jesus.

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