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Dec. 2009 - COLD comfort for local food bank

circa 1991/2 - C.O.L.D. Presentation


This section is for "Memories" of Fletcher;
do you have any memories that you will submit and we could publish?

6 July 2008 -- As was well-evidenced at Fletcher Church today, musical talent and ability still survives. In the absence of Organist Joan and Pianist Sandy, Betty very capably presided at the Organ.

5 July 2008 -- The once grand brick home of Mr. & Mrs. David Fletcher, Lot 1, Con. 8, Tilbury East Township, the house that later was home to Mrs. & Mrs. Harold Fletcher and, later still, to Mr. & Mrs. Bill Danforth and sons, and more recently was the derelict house of Robert Cook (5357 Finn Line), in the past few days has became a pile of rubble, evidence that "Ross Lumley, that home wrecker from Sarnia, has struck again!"

rubble Lumley

9 Feb. 2008 --

Retirement Party was held 9 February 2008

Do or did you live in the Fletcher area? Share fond memories and recollections of the "past".
For example: share your memories about the "Res". OR remembrances about the ball diamonds in and around Fletcher.
Thank you.
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